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Hydrate Tracker Stickers - Bright Rainbow Writeable Planner and Bullet Journal Stickers for Functional and Decorative Planning and Tracking

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★ Bright Rainbow Hydrate Tracker Boxes ★

★ Tracker stickers for use in a variety of planners.

★ Perfect for bullet journals too - the main boxes are approx 3x7 5mm dotgrid squares.

★ Use to track your daily water intake...or gin, we don't judge!

★ Availible in :

Premium Quality 120gsm Matte Sticker Paper.

Premium Quality White Vinyl.

Premium Quality Clear Vinyl.

Premium Quality Metallic Vinyl.

★ All with amazing colour saturation.

★ Writeable!

★ We have tested the paper version with Stablio Highlighters, Tombow dual brush pens, Crayola Supertips, Arteza Real Brush Pens and plain water. No Smearing of the printed ink! This paper is super luxurious and at a weighty 120gsm it feels like something special! However, if you prefer to keep the bulk right down in your planner, we recommend the premium white vinyl option. This is super thin in comparison, but with all the same quality.

★ The vinyl options are extra thin in contrast to our paper, while still delivering the same luxury feel. They also have non-smear watersafe printing and did amazingly well in our pen tests. You can write on them with Sharpies but it doesn't end there. We tried all of the above, highlighters, brush pens, super tips and they take them all, drying instantly. All of our planner favourites like Papermate Inkjoy, Flair, Uniball signo...yes, even the metallic and white signo pens, just give them a few extra seconds to dry. Also Frixion pens write well and you can erase it from the vinyl. Yes, you can probably tell we LOVE this vinyl. One thing to note though, while our printing will be waterproof, we did a water test on our pen samples and none of the pens were watersafe except the Sharpie.

★ Stickers have been pretty re-positionable in our tests on a multitude of papers. Test them in your planner and let us know how they are...

★ Sticker Sheet 4.5 x 6.75"

★ Find us @rebelinkco on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter ★