Hey! I'm Kerry Heavens, owner of this chaos!

I have spent the majority of my working life helping to run my family business, so I grew up surrounded by my family surviving and thriving at running their own businesses. You could say it's in my blood!

Along side this, I have been writing romance books and indie publishing them since 2012. After designing all of my own covers and promotional graphics and doing the same for a few author friends, I began to take on a few regular clients. Rebel Ink Co actually began life as 'Rebel Graphics'. Back then I used the name Rebel because I was determined to do things a bit differently. Affordable prices that didn't eat away all of an author's hard earned profits, transparent and readily available pricing information and terms. Just a service that makes life easier for authors to focus on what they love.

I quickly found providing various author services for fellow indie authors was a lot to juggle with my day job, so I was using a planner to stay (slightly) more organised. All I really needed was a functioning to do list, let's be honest. But somehow stickers became my life and I accidentally joined the planner cult! That lead to trying my hand at making my own stickers and it grew from there.

When we recently closed our family retail business after over 45 years, I was looking for a new start and decided to turn both my passions into my business. So here we are...

Planner stickers by day, book covers by night!

And that's how Rebel Ink Co was created.