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Hobo Cousin Rebel FOMO Box - January 2024

Hobo Cousin Rebel FOMO Box - January 2024

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Did you miss out? Maybe you saw one of our fab Rebel Boxes being used on social media and it gave you major FOMO! Well don't be sad, you can still get your hands on our boxes after they have been released to subscribers. Although you should know that subscribing gives you a HUGE discount on the contents of the box. FOMO boxes are still discounted though so don't worry. And they will stay available here for a year after their release date.

This is our Hobo cousin monthly subscription box with a value of £17.00

In this box you'll receive our 3 page hobo cousin mystery kit, 1 full sheet add-on, 4 half sheet add-ons, 1 die-cut sticker and a journalling card!

Our January artwork is a spring fest! Think lambs, bunnies and butterflies among gardens of spring blooms. There is plenty of spring elements to use at any time during the season, with a few easter things thrown in for maximum spring effect!

No discount codes can be used with Rebel Boxes. Orders using discount codes will be cancelled.

If you would like to subscribe for future boxes, you can do so through the current months listing.

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