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Glimmer of the Day - Self Care Stickers

Glimmer of the Day - Self Care Stickers

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Glimmer of the Day - Self Care Stickers

Use these stickers to mark your Glimmer of the day. You can track them as you work on your mental health.

Have you heard of glimmers? They are the opposite of triggers. They are the little moments which brighten your day. Such as stroking a pet, or listening to a favourite song. A smile from a stranger, delicious food, getting into a freshly made bed or talking to someone who makes you feel seen. Glimmers can be big or small, but they all spark a feeling of joy or peace and cue your nervous system to feel safe and calm, allowing you to move out of survival mode. We are hard wired with a negative bias, to scan for threats and danger. This is amplified in those with trauma, anxiety and depression. So glimmers are easy to miss. Learning to seek them out and taking a moment to expand the glimmer into a glow is a powerful way to regulate your nervous system and positively impact your mental health. They are the key to overcoming triggers!

Did you know, you can use glimmers to hack your mental health. Here's how... Learn to identify your glimmers and become a glimmer seeker by trying new things, thinking about what motivates you, thinking about who inspires you, thinking about what excites you. Pay attention and look for patterns and train yourself to pause and intentionally savour those little moments, turning glimmers into glows. Triggers activate your stress response, whereas glimmers activate your sense of calm. Even when life is full of triggers, the glimmers are still there, you just have to seek them out. Set a goal to seek at least one glimmer a day to begin with - and before you know it you'll see them everywhere! Happy glimmer hunting - you’ve got this!

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Half Sheet - 5" x 3.5" - 125 x 89mm

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