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Bright Rainbow AUTHOR OOPS BAG! - 5 Random Planner Sticker Oops Sheets

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5 random bright AUTHOR planner sticker oops sheets, suitable for writers who plan!

Priced at less than half the cost of our normal sheets!

Oops cuts, prints or seconds sheets we don't want to sell as perfect. All miscut and misprinted sheets will be stamped as 'Oops sheet' from July 2020. If you receive any sheets that are not stamped as Opps, they will be test sheets for new designs or materials, or old stock of a design that has been updated.

All have plenty of perfectly useable stickers though!

Each bag contains 5 different sheets - No duplicates. However, if you order multiple bags, you may receives duplicates among them.

Some packs might contain clear vinyl stickers, white vinyl and metallic vinyl too.

Some packs might contain our SWEARY MOODS stickers, just FYI

Still our amazing colour saturation.

Still our premium quality 120gsm matte sticker paper or waterproof clear vinyl.

Stickers have been pretty re-positionable in our tests on a multitude of papers. Test them in your planner and let us know how they are.

Sticker Sheet 4.5 x 6.75"