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Author Release Stickers - Pastel Rainbow

Author Release Stickers - Pastel Rainbow

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Pastel Colour Coded Release Words - Planner and Bullet Journal Author Stickers

Colour code your writing life! Choose a colour for your current WIP and use our range of colour coded author stickers to map all aspects of writing and publishing your WIP in your planner

Colour coded word stickers for use in a variety of planners.

Perfect for bullet journals too!

Use these word stickers in your planner to mark the days you need to perform various publishing tasks for your WIP - whatever your planning style!

Available in :

Removable Matte Paper

Premium Glossy Clear Vinyl.

Premium Matte White Vinyl.

Premium Holographic Vinyl.

All with amazing colour saturation.


Sticker Sheet 4.5 x 6.75"

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