How do I contact you?

You can e-mail or send a private message on any of our social media platforms to make initial contact. Links to all of these can be found on the footer of every page on this site. Rebel Ink Co is based in the UK, so please be aware of time differences when waiting for a reply to any communication. I work really long hours (too long!) but I do try and keep evenings and weekends free from admin tasks where I can. So I will get back to you at the first available opportunity. usually within 1-2 days.


Can we negotiate price?

I think we are programmed to challenge the boundaries we are presented with and negotiating pricing is natural. However our pricing is set as such to make our art affordable for as many authors as possible. As an indie author myself I know where money goes when publishing a book and it can often feel like everyone makes a buck from your book but you. This is no exaggeration! Many author service providers price out smaller indies and thats fine. But I decided on the flat rates for my services based on what is fair for my time, while ensuring that the graphics for your project are not going to suck all of your budget away. I often put in more work than I priced for to ensure each project is up to my standard and often even when a design looks simple, there is a lot more work involved than people assume. Our projects are ALWAYS custom and are priced at a lower rate than many artists charge for pre-made works. So our affordable flat rates are non- negotiable.

When can you fit me in and how long will it take?

don't usually book clients very far ahead. Occasionally existing clients will let me know of future dates, but there is almost always room in my schedule to accommodate bookings. If you can give us the month before your cover reveal to work through the design process and prepare all the files then great! But we do ask for a minimum of two weeks notice just so that we can breathe. It is often possible for us to do a rush job for you in as little as 48 hours. But as this will require me setting aside everything else we have to so to focus on your project in a tight timeframe, and extra fee will likely apply. Please contact us as soon as you can regardless to reduce stress for both of us!

Do you have a waiting list?

No, we work on things as they come and prioritise multiple jobs by deadline rather than working on them in the order they are booked. There won't typically be a waiting time beyond the standard turnaround time, unless otherwise advised at the time of booking​.


Our Service:

We (Rebel Ink Co) will design your book cover and/or promotional graphics for the fee/s stated in our pricing sections.

You (The author) are paying for the exclusive design of one book cover and/or promotional graphics, provided as high resolution files in the formats stated under the services you choose.


The Cover Design Process:

After an initial conversation where we will obtain details of the project from you and discuss your preferences and ideas, you will receive a first draft within 14 days. If you like the first draft, we will begin the process of adjusting details until you are happy that the design meets your desires. We will undertake as many revisions as is necessary during this phase of the process.

If you not like the first draft, we will design a separate additional draft, working with your feedback from the first draft.

If neither of these drafts are to your liking, we may decide to keep trying (this will mostly depend on the feedback provided by you and whether we feel that we can reach your expectations) or we will cancel the project.

Once you have approved a draft and we have commenced the adjustments to reach the final product, all other drafts designed and abandoned will not be worked on again. If you decide to continue with a previously abandoned draft or different design after detailed work has commenced, you will be charged 50% of the full price for the work already done before moving on to the next, which will then be charged as a fresh design.

If, after a draft has been approved and detailed work has commenced, you decide to cancel the project and go with a different artist, you will be charged 50% of the full fee and we retain intellectual property of our design. This means you cannot use our abandoned design as a reference or as inspiration for your new designer. In addition to this, we reserve the right to use ideas/inspiration abandoned during our design process with you in future designs with other clients.

Design Process For Other Graphics Services:

The design process for services other than Cover Designs is the same at it's core and the same terms and conditions apply.



Once the final design has been approved, you will be sent an invoice via Paypal. After this invoice is paid, we will send you all files detailed under the service you have selected. We can arrange a payment plan for you if required. However, the invoice must still be paid in full before files will be released to you.

Any changes after the final files have been created will be charged for as per our pricing section.

Creation of any additional files will be charged as separate graphics as per our pricing section.

All payments are final and non-refundable.


The License:

Upon full payment you are granted the exclusive license to use the files created by us for your book and it's promotion.

Neither you or any third party may alter the cover design in any way whatsoever.

You may not provide the files to a different artist to alter in any way whatsoever.

You may hire a different artist to create a matching cover (within reason) for the following book in a series that we designed the cover for. However we do offer subsequent books in a series at a reduced rate as per our pricing section.

Transparent .png files of cover elements may be provided to a different artist for the purpose of creation of promotional material only.

This license is non-transferable. This means that you cannot approve the cover to be used by a publisher or foreign publisher without contacting us for approval first. Fees may apply.


Image Licensing:

You can provide your own licensed image/s for the project and/or we can purchase stock photo/s and other resources to use in your projects on your behalf.

If any licensed design elements ate provided for your project by us, you agree that they will be used within their respective license terms.

Generally speaking, this means that sales will not exceed 250,000 print impressions, and 500,000 digital impressions. If your sales do come close to these limits, it is recommended that you contact us and we can facilitate license extensions for you on all elements used. Charges usually You may not use the finished design on any merchandise for sale unless expressly authorised by us. Extended licenses can be purchased that will allow you to manufacture your own merchandise for sale. Contact us for an estimate as each design varies in licensing terms.

Swag items that you give out for free are not classed as merchandise for sale.



If, after a reasonable number of changes you are not happy with the design, or if there is an issue with communication, either party may request a cancellation of project. Charges relating to work already carried out must still be paid as per our Design Process section above.

In the case of cancellation, the rights to any design work done by us remain with us and all files provided to you must be destroyed.



All information and materials provided by you are considered confidential. All information and materials provided  by you are only for use by us. We will not share with third parties any information about our work with you unless express permission is given by you.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at
We aim to reply within 24 - 48 hours, Monday - Friday.