I just wanted to let you all know that I am getting through messages af fast as I can. There a number (at least 30 that I know of so far) of orders from before christmas that are missing.

My postie says that they have prioritised newer post over the backlog in most areas and that the backlog from around the strike dates is still being worked through.

That said I am remaking and resending those I am aware of and I'll be making a claim for the missing ones. But it's a big job and if I'm in emails, I'm not cutting. So I'm trying to do a bit of both as I go. I have ADHD, so task switiching is not my friend! I'm sorry about this, I'm doing all I can while trying not to delay current orders. I am answering emails a few at a time, mostly in the early morning and at night if I don't cut and pack too late!


I have fixed the menu on the website -YAY! But I'm still having an issue with orders being marked as sent. I have contacted tech support about it. It doesn't seem to matter what I do, some orders are being stubborn and still saying they are unfulfilled! If your order has not been marked as shipped yet but was placed before the 1st of Jan it has definitely shipped whether it says so or not. This applies to both the website and Etsy. Orders placed after Jan 1st are going out or will be per the shipping time quoted.

There are a handful Etsy orders that also didn't get marked as shipped due to this connection issue with my Royal Mail account. I can easily mark these manually. However by the time I noticed that they hadn't automatically been marked when I generated their shipping labels, I was also already aware of some missing orders. So now I am only manually marking those as done once I have spoken to people individually and established whether or not they have received their order. That way I can keep track of all the orders with issues until this is all fixed and over.

If you are in any doubt about a missing order please message me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


As you are mostly all aware by now, Royal mail was subject to a cyber attack last week and have suspended all international postal services until further notice. Initially I think all us shop owners held on to international orders assuming it would be lifted reasonably quickly. However, it remains in place. There was an update today...

Following the recent cyber incident, we are trialling operational workarounds and have started moving limited volumes of export parcels. While we trial these operational workarounds, we continue to ask customers not to submit any new export parcels into the network.

Our initial focus will be to clear mail that has already been processed and is waiting to be despatched. We are pleased to announce that we have resumed the export of letters to all international destinations. From 1900hrs (Wednesday 18 January), customers will be able to access international export letter services again via online shipping solutions to print labels and send items which do not require a customs declaration (personal correspondence items). Items can then be posted into the Royal Mail network and via Post Office from tomorrow (Thursday 19 January).

...But this doesn't apply to us since we have to use a customs declaration to ship orders. I had a large number of subscriptions to send so I found an alternative courier option which I have been pleased with and I will be upgrading all international shipping to this at no cost to you until the issue is fixed. This new service is faster and trackable and only slightly more expensive so I think I am leaning towards a permanent move for international orders in future. I will decide once this hell is over!

 Further to this I have just been accepted for a Royal Mail Business account so I'll be moving to that hopefully next week. So hopefully I'll be able to re-assess all my shipping options at the same time and update them on the website.


I'm really sorry for all of these terribly timed issues!

What with last weeks printer and cutter problems, the previous advent delays, a super cold and the fact that there are clearly not enough hours in a day...2023 has been A LONG YEAR!!

I'm voting for just scrapping the rest of January and acting like it never happened. February is the start of the new year! Who is with me?

Thank you all again for being so amazing. I'm getting so many messages and emails filled with kindness and compassion that I'm going to find a way to pay it forward when I have a moment to think!



Rebel Ink Co